About Car Sales Today

Car Sales Today is a place for Automotive Professionals to share their ideas, feelings, experiences, or whatever you want to share.  This site was put together by Doug Blankenship.  Doug has over 20 years of Automotive experience.  He started out like most in the “car biz,” on the sales floor.  Unlike most, he had the privilage ro be trained by a great sales manager who was devoted to creating successful automotive sales professionals.

Doug went on to different roles within dealerships, including pre-owned sales, sales management, finance management.  In 1996, he saw that customers were beginning to use the internet as a way to gather information before coming to the dealership.  He decided to try creating an internet department to handle these customers.  Using a little common sense and learning from each experience, he grew this department to 30 sales per month before being asked to join Cybercar, the world’s leading Automotive Internet Consulting organization.  Since then, he has strived to help dealerships maximaize their efforts in their internet efforts, though online inventory management, marketing, and process consultation.

We hope this site is able to help dealerships as well as companies that serve dealerships with a great sharing of ideas.

Come and come often.  Be a part of making the “car biz” better.

Thank you.


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