Communication Today

December 3, 2009

We try to control the conversation with our customers.  We do things like answer questions with questions.  The kinds of questions we ask are designed to lead the customer down the process to a vehicle that is in stock.  (we hope)  After all, it doesn’t matter what the customer asks if we don’t have a car to meet their needs, right?

However, the way we communicate with our customers can create division between us and them.  If we are too blatant about trying to gain control of the customer, it comes across and trust is diminished.  The customer already mistrusts the salesperson.  The only way to get our customers to follow our process is to gain their trust, not lose more of it.  We must actually have our customers’ desires and interests at heart.  Ask yourself, do you wait for the customer to stop talking so you can talk, or do you really want to help them?

I was trained in proper communication for a consulting position when I was hired by HAC Group.  It changed my life, not just my professional life.  By learning proper communication, I am able to handle almost any situation by not just asking questions, but exploring what the other person is saying to be sure I fully understand what they are really saying.  Too often, we jump to conclusions about what someone means when they talk to us.  Many times, because the other person is having difficulty explaining themselves.  We answer back with something that has nothing to do with what they are thinking.  How many arguments have you had with someone only to find out later that you were both trying to say the same thing?  We have to acknowledge what they have said to us and then ask clarifying questions to be sure we understand what they are saying to us.    We have to discover their true needs.  Once we fully understand and clarify, only then should we respond with a solution to their request.

Effective communication is the KEY to a successful sales process.

Listen to your salespeople as they deal with your customers.  Are they communicating effectively?


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