Answering The Phones Today

November 30, 2009

Dealerships spend a lot of money to get the phones to ring.  Traditional advertising is aimed specifically at this goal.  Their websites have their phone number plastered everywhere in an attempt to get the customer talking to a salesperson.  Many 3rd party sites give them a toll-free number so they can track the effectiveness of the advertising they do for the dealership.  Most dealerships these days use multiple toll-free numbers to track where phone calls are coming from.  Further, many dealerships spend a good sum of money training their staff how to handle the incoming phone calls from these places.  Think about how much money your dealership spends to get that phone ringing.

Now ask yourself, “Is my receptionist routing these expensive phone calls properly?”

I call dealerships almost every day and I am astounded at how poorly some dealerships route my call to the person I am trying to contact.  Many times, I have to call a few times to just leave a message.

Now, I have incentive to continue calling until I get the person I need to talk to on the phone.  If I am not persistent, I don’t pay my bills at the end of the month.

What is the customer’s incentive to continue calling?

Reception, is like the center on a football team.  If the ball is not snapped to the quarterback effectively, the play cannot continue.  That team will never score any points without a good center.  The same is true for the receptionist at the dealership.

Take look at this part of your process in your dealership.  Whether it is buying a car, setting an appointment for service, or ordering parts, do you have the right person, system, process to be absolutely sure your customers have a chance to speak to the person that will help them spend money in your store?

Mystery call your dealership right now.


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